PokerStars, please redesign your App! Why the position of the Fast Fold Button sucks

A Picture Combo of the Fast Fold and Fold Button in Pokerstars app

From Fast Fold to Fold: Both buttons are placed at the same spot in the PokerStars App. If you dislike it, too: Share this post.

As a regular reader at Best Poker Bonus Code you might have recognized, that we do love PokerStars and the mobile PokerStars App. We have given PokerStars the best rating of all Poker rooms reviewed. Thus said, we really have to complain about a design failure in the mobile PokerStars App, that did cost us quite some money so far. The Position of the Fast-Fold-Button in Zoom Poker games. It sucks!

What it’s all about? If you’re a regular Poker Player, you play multitable. The PokerStars App allows you to play on up to five tables at a time (when using an iPad, otherwise it’s four tables). In Zoom Poker games, you can always choose to “Fast Fold” your cards. You are  instantly placed at a fresh table then. If you look at table 1 and there  is an action required at table 2, the App automatically switches to table 2.  All these features are great, we don’t wanna miss a single one.

But the problem is: If you were just about to press “Fast Fold”, when the App suddenly displays another table, the Fast Fold Button turns into the other tables Fold Button. It can happen that you throw away AA instead of a crappy hand like 2Jo. Just because the Fast Fold button is placed exactly at the same spot as the regular Fold Button is.

The solution is so simple: Move the fast fold button a few pixels up to a less hazardous position. Or build in an optional check-box “are you sure?” that appears in the first two seconds after an automated switching of tables. Both should be easy to build in and would bring us a much better playing experience.

If you have experienced the same problem: Share this to let PokerStars know that they could make their mobile Poker app so much better with a little redesign. The sooner they are aware, the earlier they can help us (and them).


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